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Trends in the RF and Microwave Industry

This video explains some of the newest trends within the RF and Microwave industry such as USB VNAs and all the benefits that come along with a compact and portable instrument.

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Copper Mountain Technologies: Automatic Calibration Module Confidence Check

How many times have you completed a series of measurements to find them tainted by a bad cable? The Confidence Check feature of the Automatic Calibration Module (ACM) will verify your test setup.

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Going Beyond: How Better Power and Testing Solutions are Taking the Military and Aerospace Industry to New Heights

This white paper will focus on current challenges in the military and aerospace sector, along with key opportunities for better power and testing solutions.

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Getting Started with Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs)

This primer describes the fundamentals of vector network analysis, as well as practical instructions for improving accuracy, performing calibration, and making typical linear and time-domain measurements.

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Land Mobile Radio Measurement Guide

Testforce has exactly what you need with accurate and durable equipment providing consistent and reliable results.

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Testforce Academy Developing People.

The Testforce academy provides you with many reliable technical resources such as live and on-demand webinars, training videos, app notes, measurement guides, white papers and more! All from the industry leading brands you know and trust.

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