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Copper Mountain Technologie

Copper Mountain Technologies’ vector network analyzers are the original metrology-grade USB VNAs used by engineers all over the world. The company started in 2011 and is based in Indianapolis, IN with sales offices in Singapore and Miami.

Their innovative products and partnership approach enable RF and Microwave engineers to realize their potential through access to lab-grade instrumentation at affordable prices. CMT’s world-class metrology and engineering resources work with your team to Extend Your Reach.

By outsourcing application processing to an external PC and focusing our engineers’ attention on building measurement modules that delivered accurate measurements at a much lower cost, they deliver metrology-grade VNAs that are smaller, lighter, easier to use, and less expensive to own.

The VNAs are metrology-grade portable instruments, which can go to Device Under Test and are used in a wide variety of applications including production and field measurements. View Copper Mountain Technologies’ applications page for more information on the industries CMT VNAs are used in and discover the best solution for your needs.

This creative approach made Copper Mountain Technologies a leader in the industry and earned them the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Global Leadership in Innovation Award and the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Global USB VNA Product Leadership Award.

Copper Mountain Technologies’ engineers use the latest available technologies and components, and continuously improve product selection and service. As an RF test and measurement leader, they contribute technical and metrology expertise to solve your challenges and problems. The goal is to help engineers and developers extend their reach by equipping them with cutting-edge test instruments that are accurate, small, lightweight, and affordable.

CMT has collaborated with many well-respected companies to create targeted solutions that help you accomplish more. Visit the integrations page to find a list of existing integrations with CMT VNAs, including solutions for materials measurement, wireless charging technology, frequency extension, and more.

For more information, a quote, or to speak with a Technical Account Manager, click the "Chat Now" button in the bottom right corner of this page.

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  1. 2014 02
    University Kit

    Copper Mountain Technologies’ University Kit is a complete solution designed to assist educational institutions as they teach RF skills to engineering students.

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  2. smd accessories 450x350
    SMD Test Solution

    SMD Test Solution is a comprehensive product utilizing a vector network analyzer, fixtures, software, and manual, non-destructive characterization of 0402 RLC components.

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  3. s5435 left 1024x683
    S5243 2-Port 43.5 GHz Analyzer

    S5243 2-Port 43.5 GHz Analyzer

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  4. m5045
  5. rnvna with td fd 5 450x350
    RNVNA Multiport Testing Solution

    Copper Mountain Technologies RNVNA solution is a customizable multiport network analysis solution for MIMO antennas and other 5G applications.

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  6. s5045 450x350
    S5045 2-Port 4.5 GHz Analyzer

    S5045 2-Port 4.5 GHz Analyzer

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  7. acm2506

    Automatic Calibration Module 20 kHz to 6.5 GHz

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  8. sc5065 compact vna 450x350 1

    SC5090 2-Port 9 GHz Analyzer

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  9. sc5065 compact vna 450x350

    SC5065 2-Port 6.5 GHz Analyzer

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  10. m5180 v2 450x350

    Vector Network Analyzer - 2-Port 18 GHz Analyzer

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  11. m5090 v4 green 450x350

    Vector Network Analyzer - 2-Port 8.5 GHz Analyzer

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  12. m5065 v3 450x350

    Vector Network Analyzer - 2-Port 6.5 GHz Analyzer

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  13. acm4520 11111 v1 450x350

    Automatic Calibration Module 100 kHz - 20 GHz

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  14. acm4509 1 450x350

    Automatic Calibration Module 100 kHz - 9 GHz

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  15. acm2520 450x350

    Automatic Calibration Module 20 kHz - 20 GHz

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