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LabVIEW+ Suite

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LabVIEW+ Suite is a bundle of LabVIEW, plus, DIAdem, TestStand, FlexLogger, and more NI Software. The Suite saves engineers time by providing purpose-built tools for measurement, analysis, and test.

The LabVIEW+ Suite is a set of NI’s test software, with LabVIEW at its core. LabVIEW’s graphical programming environment accelerates hardware integration and system development. The additional included software provides engineering-specific solutions for measurement, analysis, and test to complete your work faster. You can develop highly optimized test sequences for your validation lab or manufacturing floor with TestStand, configure and take a measurement quickly with FlexLogger, and analyze your data and create shareable reports with DIAdem.

NI is simplifying its SW licenses and moving to a subscription model.

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