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Fluke 9500C Oscilloscope Calibrator

High-Performance Oscilloscope Calibrator

Replacing the 9500B, the Fluke 9500C stands out as the only commercially available multi-channel oscilloscope calibration system, delivering hands-free, fully-automated, and accurate calibration accessible to a broad range of needs and budgets. Its forward-thinking design ensures compatibility with future upgrades, meeting emerging demands without requiring constant reinvestment.

Innovative 9540C Active Head Technology™ for Unparalleled Performance

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This technology enables the 9500C to deliver leveled sine waves up to 4 GHz and precisely controlled pulse edges, setting a new standard in calibration performance. Unlike conventional calibrators, the 9500C's Active Head Technology™ allows for adjustable output amplitudes between 4.44 mV and 3.1V, ensuring comprehensive testing of oscilloscope amplifiers across all sensitivity ranges.

Key Advantages:

  • Full Automation: Achieve completely hands-free calibration for even the most sophisticated, multi-channel oscilloscopes.
  • Continuous Upgradeability: Protect your investment with a system designed to adapt to future technological advancements.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Channel Output: Eliminate the need for lead changing and complex signal multiplexing, enhancing efficiency.
  • High-Performance Calibration: Leveled sine waves up to 4 GHz and edges as fast as 70 ps cater to the calibration needs of both current and future high-performance oscilloscopes.
  • Active Head Technology™: Generate calibration signals directly at the oscilloscope input, ensuring waveform accuracy and eliminating doubts about lead-induced aberrations.
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