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PCT Precision Current Transducer

PCT Precision Current Transducer offers accurate, DC and AC current measurements with extreme linearity and a full industrial temperature range. Shielded against EMI, connects to LMG power analyzers via Plug 'n' Measure for automatic parameter reading and power supply.

A closed loop, flux gate technology based current transducer for non-intrusive, isolated DC and AC current measurements, developed to offer extreme linearity and full industrial temperature range. The sensor has an aluminium body for shielding against EMI. The PCT sensors provide connection to LMG power analyzers via Plug ’n‘ Measure. This allows for all of the important parameters, such as the pre¬cise scaling factor, the delay compensation variable, the last calibration date, and the sensor type, to be read and used automat¬ically by the power analyzer. Moreover, the sensors are actively supplied with power by the LMG power analyzer or its sensor supply unit.

Key Specifications

  • Max. accuracy: 0.01%
  • Temperature range: -40°C - +85°C, -40°C - +45°C (PCT2000)
  • Power supply: Internally from LMG95/LMG500/LMG600 series, Externally from PCTSIU4 für LMG450 (PCT200/600). Solely externally from PCTSIU4 for LMG95/LMG450/LMG500, Internally from LMG600 series (PCT1200/2000. Number of supplied heads limited, see sensor datasheets).
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