Automotive eUICC eBook Background

Automotive eUICC eBook

Cellular communications are an increasingly important part of automotive product design. A key element of these systems is subscriber identification and authentication. In the past, removable Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM) cards were used, providing a physical way of identifying and authenticating subscribers. The introduction of the eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) simplifies this process by enabling remote SIM provisioning, and the storage of multiple profiles on a single eUICC.

This eBook is a guide for engineers responsible for testing subscriber identity in modern automotive systems. It explains the requirements for cellular connectivity in the automotive industry, the operation of the eUICC and test approaches to ensure robust functionality throughout the product’s lifecycle. It also introduces the equipment that enables such testing, particularly base station simulators that enable the operation of the network during provisioning and use of the eUICC to be exercised in a test laboratory. Download to read more!

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