Scale Up Your EV Automotive Testing and Reduce Time to Market

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Scale Up Your EV Automotive Testing and Reduce Time to Market

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The rapid transition of Electric Vehicles changes the development and test processes for most automotive suppliers. Whether it is at the charging station, converting electrical energy to move the vehicle or optimizing regeneration during braking, control strategies involve more subsystems and a faster decision-making process.

This webinar will touch on each key element of your test and validation systems: test & measurement (T&M) instruments, DAQ, CAN communication, motor controllers and PLC. Our speakers will introduce the basic concepts for each category along with special considerations while integrating your ATE and common pitfalls to look for.

Our presenters will contextualize the examples and challenges around NI LabVIEW but the concepts can be applied just as well to C#, Python or any other language. 


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