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PXI 48 x SPDT Reed Relays


This 40-161 range of PXI power relay modules is available with a choice of 16 x SPST, 12 x SPST, 10 x SPST, 12 x SPDT and 6 x SPDT power relays, for switching loads up to 16A at250VAC.

These Power Relay Modules are intended for switching heavy AC or DC loads or for the slave switching of large external relays, contactors and solenoids. The 40-161 is ideal for switching up to 16A in both AC and DC applications.

Power Relay Type

The 40-161 range is fitted with electromechanical power relays with silver alloy contacts. A spare relay is included with each module to facilitate easy maintenance with minimum downtime.

Key Features

  • High Density, High Current Switching
  • 16A Maximum Switch Current
  • Switch Up To 300VDC or 250VAC
  • 448W/4000VA Maximum Power
  • 400VDC Standoff Voltage
  • VISA/IVI & Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
  • 3-Year Warranty
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