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Spectrum Analyzer, 5 kHz to 7.5 GHz

The R&S®FPL1000 Spectrum Analyzer can be used for spectral measurements, for highly accurate power measurements with power sensors and for analyzing analog and digitally modulated signals.

The FPL1000 supports the most common spectrum measurements like frequency sweep and zero span, ACLR, C/N, C/N0, OBW, harmonic distortion, TOI and many marker functions. The following new software options are launched together with the 7.5 GHz model of the FPL1000 and will be available for both the R&S®FPL1003 and the R&S®FPL1007:

  • R&S®FPL1-K54 for EMI measurements
  • R&S®FPL1-K70 for Vector Signal Analysis
    • R&S®FPL1-K70M for Multi-Modulation Analysis (requires R&S®FPL1-K70)
    • R&S®FPL1-K70P for BER Measurements with PRBS Data (R&S®FPL1-K70)

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