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Model 372 AC Resistance Bridge and Cryogenic Temperature Controller

Model 372 features

  • For dilution refrigerators (DRs) to be operated below 100 mK
  • Ability to increase the number of measurement channels to a maximum of 16 with an optional 3726 scanner
  • Powerful impedance measurement capabilities such as quadrature measurements
  • Multiple PID controllable outputs with up to 10 W of heater power available

Latest-generation design for ultra-low temperature applications

The Model 372 AC resistance bridge and temperature controller builds on the solid foundation provided by the original Lake Shore AC resistance bridge. The Model 372 provides the best possible temperature measurement and control capabilities for dilution refrigerators (DRs) that are intended to be operated below 100 mK. The Model 372 makes it easy to perform multiple tasks that were once very difficult to perform reliably at ultra-low temperatures:

  • Temperature measurement
  • Automatic or manual temperature control
  • Device or sample impedance measurements

Scanner options

The 3726 scanner is designed for connecting to multiple ultra-low temperature measurement points in a system. With lower input noise and DC bias current, the 3726 scanner offers superior performance to the previous generation 3716 scanner and is capable of taking full advantage of the performance improvements built into the Model 372.

The 3708 8-channel preamp/scanner offers an exceptionally low voltage noise floor specification of just 2 nV/√vHz, improving the utility of the Model 372 AC resistance bridge for ultra-low AC resistance measurements.

For more information, including specifications, charts, and downloadable resources, as well as models and options, visit the Model 372 page on the Lake Shore website.

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