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2650 Series High Power SourceMeter

The 2650 Series High Power SourceMeter SMU Instruments are designed specifically for characterizing and testing high voltage/current electronics and power semiconductors, such as diodes, FETs, and IGBTs, high brightness LEDs, DC-DC converters, batteries, solar cells, and other high power materials, components, modules, and subassemblies. They deliver unprecedented power, precision, speed, flexibility, and ease of use to improve productivity in R&D, production test, and reliability environments. Two instruments are available offering up to 3000V or up to 2000W of pulse current power.


  • Highly flexible, four-quadrant voltage and current source/load coupled with precision voltage and current meters
  • Source or sink (2651A) up to 2,000W of pulsed power (±40V, ±50A) or up to 200W of DC power (±[email protected]±20A, ±[email protected]±10A, ±[email protected]±5A); easily connect two units (in series or parallel) to create solutions up to ±100A or ±80V
  • Source or sink (2657A) up to 180W of DC or pulsed power (±[email protected], ±[email protected])
  • Built-in web browser based software
  • Choice of digitizing or integrating measurement modes
  • TSP (Test Script Processing) technology
  • • TSP-Link channel expansion bus
  • Compatible with Model 8010 High Power Device Test Fixture and Model 8020 High Power Interface Panel
  • Free Test Script Builder software tool
  • Optional ACS Basic semiconductor component characterization software


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