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Phase Noise Analyzer, z540, 10MHz-26GHz, 100MHz offset.

The HA7062 Series Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzers have been optimized with both analog and digital hardware techniques. These fully integrated phase noise analysis systems utilize real-time, dual-core engines for cross-correlation speed, which are coupled with a pair high performance internal LOs (RF Synthesizers) from Holzworth's HSX Series RF Synthesizers.

The reconfigurable front panel allows for many additional feature sets and customer customized measurement setups including the ability to measure the noise floor of the analyzer. Make no mistake that alternate phase noise analyzer designs only approximate the measurement noise floor based on calculations made from the active DUT. A definitive understanding of the hardware limits is critical as no two-phase noise analyzers of even the same make and model will perform exactly the same.

Holzworth phase noise analyzers accommodate varying customer requirements while optimizing the purchase price point for the end-user. For frequency coverage of up to 50GHz and additional features, please refer to the HA7063A 50GHz Downconverter, which works in unison with either of the HA7062 phase noise analyzers.

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