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Automatic Calibration Module 6GHz

Minimizing the number of steps required by technicians reduces the risk of human error and expedites the calibration process. Automating the calibration routine also reduces wear and tear on the analyzer and RF cables. To perform full two-port calibration, each end of the ACM need only be connected to the analyzer once, as opposed to seven connections with a traditional calibration. The ACM also contains a factory characterized 20dB in-line attenuator which acts as a simulated device under test (DUT). The confidence check feature loads the factory stored DUT into memory so proper calibration can be verified.

Copper Mountain Technologies is announcing an End-of-Sale (EOS) date for the ACM6000T. This product will no longer be available for purchase after December 31, 2019. CMT will continue to provide technical assistance for 3 years following this EOS date.

This product has been discontinued. The recommended replacement product is the R60 1-Port 6 GHz Analyzer.

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