Python and NI: Using Python with NI Hardware and Software Webinar


Python and NI: Using Python with NI Hardware and Software Webinar


NI understands the importance of flexibility when it comes to test. Several NI tools, both hardware and software, connect with Python so engineers can use the right tool for the job. Attend this webinar for an overview of your options to combine Python with NI test technology. The webinar includes a Q&A session with Computer Solutions, NI and Testforce.

  • Using Python to Automate NI Hardware
  • Calling and Integrating Python Scripts in LabVIEW and TestStand
  • Automating Processes In SystemLink software and DIAdem with Python

Register today and let’s bring the power of Python to test and measurement!

About the Presenter

Kevin Flanagan

Kevin Flanagan
Senior Software Engineer
Product R&D

Kevin Flanagan is a Senior Software Engineer in Product R&D at NI. He has worked on a wide variety of products within the company having developed on TestStand and TestStand Semiconductor Module, Semiconductor Test System Software, Optimal+ Data Analytics, and Automotive Databases. He advocates for embracing modern, industry-leading technologies and software engineering best practices. Kevin started his career at NI in 2014 as an Applications Engineer before joining Product R&D in 2016. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University holding bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics.

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