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The R&S®NGE100B power supply series consists of robust, high-performance, affordable instruments. They offer high efficiency combined with low ripple plus a variety of comfort functions that are not usually found in this class of power supplies.

The R&S®NGE100B power supply series consists of the R&S®NGE102B two-channel power supply and the R&S®NGE103B three-channel power supply. Both instruments provide up to 33.6 W output power per channel.

Unlike most power supplies in this class, the R&S®NGE100B power supplies feature 100% electrically equivalent output channels. All outputs are earth-free and short-circuit-proof. The output channels can be combined in serial or in parallel to achieve higher voltages or higher currents (up to 96 V or up to 9 A using all three channels of the R&S®NGE103B).

All basic functions of the R&S®NGE100B power supplies can be operated via direct keys on the front panel. The rotary knob plays a central role in adjusting the voltage and current and setting the limits for the multipurpose protection functions. The operating conditions of all channels are displayed on the screen simultaneously. Active channels are indicated by the illuminated channel key. Active outputs are shown in green when working in constant voltage mode and in red when working in constant current mode. Inactive outputs are displayed in white.

To safeguard the instrument and the device under test (DUT), the R&S®NGE100B power supplies provide a variety of protection functions. For each channel, users can separately set the maximum current (electronic fuse, overcurrent protection, OCP), the maximum voltage (overvoltage protection, OVP) or the maximum power (overpower protection, OPP). If such a limit is reached, the affected output channel will be switched off. Overtemperature protection (OTP) prevents overheating of the instrument.

In industrial applications, power supplies are often installed in 19" racks. The R&S®HZC95 rack adapter allows the power supplies to be mounted in racks, including in combination with R&S®HMC test instruments. The R&S®NGE100B power supplies can be remotely controlled via USB or optionally via Ethernet or even via wireless LAN.

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