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MDO-2000E Series

GW INSTEK is focused on the educational markets and preliminary product development applications which are tailor-made for the “All-in-One” MDO-2000E series. This series is comprised of two models groups: MDO-2000EG and MDO-2000EX. All MDO-2000EG and EX models come standard with a built-in spectrum analyzer and a dual channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator; the MDO-2000EX models only also include a 5,000 count Digital Multi-meter, and a dual channel 5V/1A DC power supply. The first of its kind, MDO-2000EX or Five-in-One is the only bench oscilloscope to be equipped with a DMM and a power supply in the T&M industry. All MDO-2000 models are CE safety approved.

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