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Connector Gage Kits

Maury's connector gage kits provide an easy to use, direct reading, self-checking, and accurate way to measure the critical linear interface dimensions of most coaxial connectors. These kits consist of gages with specially adapted dial indicators, plus the correct bushings and pins needed to mate with specified connectors. A master setting gage is used to adjust the dial indicator to zero, before a push-on or thread-on gage is mated with a connector to measure the distance from a given interface (female or male contact location) to the outer conductor mating plane.

Although Maury gages are normally sold as kits, individual components, replacement parts, and calibration services are also available. The table below lists the available kit models. Additional information on specific gage kits or individual components can be supplied on request.

If this list doesn't include the right kit for your application, please contact our Sales Department or your local Maury representative for assistance.

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  • Direct Reading
  • Self-Checking
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Digital and Dial Indicator Styles
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