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About Us

About Us

At Testforce, our singular focus is to be your expert in test. Armed with years of experience and knowledge in the key technologies driving markets such as energy, academics, electrification, aerospace & defense, wireless connectivity, and more, we have built a longstanding reputation for helping customers address the mounting challenges of test and measurement.  

Testforce is passionately different by design, consistently redefining the role of the test and measurement technical distributor from merely filling an order, to partnering with you for the right solution, with the right technology, at the right price. And, by partnering with technology leaders such as NI, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Viavi, and others, we bring you the most advanced innovations in the market.  Our dedicated team of veteran engineers and strategically developed industry partnerships, ensure that we can deliver on our promise as your expert in test, providing the most reliable and personal guidance, throughout your pursuit of the best test solution.

Your Expert in Test

The DNA and foundation of the company stem from the people who work here and our drive to be the leaders in our industry. We invest in our people, providing opportunities for development and growth. Our carefully assembled team of technical talent brings you the expertise and support needed to navigate the complexities of test and measurement from academics to wireless connectivity, and everything in between.  Not only does the team have decades of experience in these markets to offer you, but they also actively stay on top of the latest trends and innovations to keep you ahead of your competition.

Meet Your Experts

  • Shayan Gaeni

    Shayan is an experienced Technical Account Manager at Testforce with over 7+ years of experience as a Biomedical and RF Hardware Engineer working for industry leaders such as Nokia and Lungpacer Medical Inc. After receiving his honours degree at Simon Fraser University with a minor in Electrical Engineering and major as a Biomedical Engineer, he was driven to provide his expertise and technical knowledge gained from the many years of having a dedicated work ethic. In joining the Testforce team, he is focused on many emerging markets and staying ahead of trend in alternative energy, telecommunications, cybersecurity and aerospace & defence to name a few. When not keeping busy, he can be found behind his camera lens in Vancouver, BC exploring the beautiful landscapes.

  • Taylor Blackford

    Taylor is an experienced test equipment consultant with over 6 years of experience both at the OEM (Tektronix and Keithley) and distribution level. After receiving a BSEE from Penn State, he found his calling in sales, applications engineering, and solving customer problems. In joining the Testforce team, he has taken on multiple responsibilities in growing the Midwest market and now is expanding our footprint in Silicon Valley and the greater bay area. When he isn’t demoing high end scopes and leveraging software to make customers’ lives easier, he can be found hiking in national parks and enjoying a night out on the town.

  • Mahwash Arjumand

    Mahwash is an experienced sales professional, with over 13 years of experience in the Test and Measurement industry and worked as a Sales & Application Support Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz. She has experience in selling RF/µWave products and sub-systems to Mil/Aero/Gov organizations and schools. She brings experience with test equipment like Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscopes, and many more through various work-related projects. She holds a degree in Electronics Engineering and Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Ottawa. Outside of work, she enjoys dining out and travelling.

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