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TM500 Network Tester

The TM500 Family of products are used for functional, system integration, capacity and stress testing in the lab and emulate up 1000’s of mobile devices, across multiple cells to set-up and test 4G and 5G Base Stations.

The TM500 has been the defacto industry standard for base station testing with its use with virtually all Network Equipment Manufacturers worldwide and now boasts capability up to, 4G, 5G including O-RAN. TM500 delivers real voice, data, realistic mobility models and 4G/5G core emulation, providing the most comprehensive lab validation portfolio. The TM500 Family offers the right test tools, expertise and support across the entire development lifecycle.

Can you ensure…

  • Each user on your network is obtaining the best Quality of Service?
  • Your network is meeting the latency and round-trip times for voice and time critical applications?
  • Your network is providing the best performance for multiple users across various 5G applications?
  • Your network is up to date with the latest 3GPP features to meet market demand?

TM500 provides the solution to ensure the delivery of high performance and stable gNBs, ensuring scalability from numbers of subscribers, data capacity in conjunction with the most comprehensive and realistic mobility models and mobility scenarios. This is achieved with a “no performance compromise” remit, a comprehensive and stable debugging, monitoring and KPI measurement tools, and a software release cadence that customers can trust to ensure roadmap alignment. TM500 delivers the most realistic test environment, and is reason why is trusted and used consistently in major gNB evaluation events around the world before an operator purchase.

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