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Callbox Series

AMARI Callbox is the ideal solution for testing 5G NSA and SA, LTE, LTE-M and NB-IoT devices.

It acts as a 3GPP compliant eNB and EPC allowing functional and performance testing. The Callbox is powered by a deployment quality software suite. To better fit your needs, AMARI Callbox Series offers 3 different products: Mini, Classic and Ultimate.

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Test your LTE/NR Compatible Device

  • Generate logs from all layers, from physical layer to IP level
  • Test and check protocol procedures
  • Test many advanced LTE features from CA to NB-IoT
  • Interact in real time through our WebSocket API
  • Display constellation and channel display

Use it as a LTE/NR Callbox

  • Do end to end data communication with your own servers
  • Place VoLTE call with our IMS server
  • Supports in both IETF and 3GPP modes
  • Send SMS through over IMS or over NAS
  • No need to be a 3GPP expert
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