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AMARI UE Simbox E Series

AMARI UE Simbox E is an ideal solution to support functional and performance testing of 4G LTE eNodeB , 5G NR gNodeB and 4G/5G core networks.

Acting as a 3GPP compliant LTE and 5G SA/NSA UE, it can simulate up to 1000+ UEs sharing the same spectrum with different types of traffic within multiple cells. It is also one of the first solutions supporting NB-IoT and Cat M.

The major enhancement compared to AMARI UE Simbox Series is the support of 100 MHz cells. The offer is completed by an integrated IP simulation package for reproductible test results. Amarisoft also offers a tiny 4G and 5G core to wrap your eNB/gNB and allow an end to end testing.

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