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Ti480 60HZ

Thermal Imager: 640x480; 60 HZ

Product overview:

Fluke Ti480 Infrared Camera delivers stunning 640 x 480 resolution images at surprising affordability. With the Fluke Ti480, users can perform thermal imaging inspections with more confidence and faster results than ever before. It is a rugged, superbly engineered pistol grip thermal imaging camera that delivers 640 x 480 resolution and stands up to the rigorous demands of thermal inspections in harsh environments. More ways to optimize focus The Ti480 offers multiple features to optimize focus and ensure that you get more accurate temperature information. MultiSharp™ Focus delivers images automatically focused throughout the field of view even if you start from a completely blurry target. The camera takes multiple images and combines them to give you clear, accurate focus on targets near and far. Simply point and shoot. For single targets, LaserSharp® Auto Focus delivers instant focus at the push of a button. The built-in laser distance meter instantly calculates and displays the distance to your designated target, and the focus engine immediately adjusts the focus. Better still, the Ti480 brings SuperResolution that provides 4x the pixel data of the standard mode to create a 1280 x 960 image so you can see even more detail. Includes powerful easy-to-use Fluke Connect® SmartView® desktop software. Fluke Connect SmartView desktop software is a comprehensive analysis and reporting software. It makes it easier than ever to optimize thermal images, perform analytics, generate quick, customizable, robust reports, and export images to the format of your choice in the cloud. You can also wirelessly sync images directly from your Ti480 camera to the Fluke Connect® App on your smartphone. You can also live stream the camera display to your smartphone or PC and remotely control the camera. You can also attach captured images to an asset record or work order so you can access maintenance records simultaneously at the inspection site and from the office or an off-site location.
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