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The R&S®SGT100A is the first 1 HU 1/2 19" vector signal generator up to 6 GHz with an integrated baseband generator. The radio frequency chain has been optimized for fastest frequency and level switchover times. In the baseband, the multi-segment waveform mode helps users quickly switch from one test signal to the next. Though compact in size, the R&S®SGT100A has excellent RF characteristics (e.g. signal quality and level accuracy) that are on par with those of larger high-end instruments. Maximum output level, level repeatability and excellent EVM performance are key characteristics in production environments. Thanks to its flexible customization concept, options can be easily added and configured via key codes, allowing customers to directly unlock additional functionalities and easily respond to various production requirements. Easy maintenance and a three-year calibration cycle help keep total cost of ownership to a minimum. Equipped with a LAN, USB and PCIe interface, the R&S®SGT100A allows remote control of test equipment in automated applications.

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