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The Model 6482 Dual-Channel Picoammeter/Voltage Source provides two independent picoammeter/ voltage source channels for a wide range of low-level measurement applications that require dual-channel measurements. Building off of the proven measurement capabilities of Keithley’s Model 6485 5½-digit Picoammeter, the Model 6482 adds higher measurement resolution, a second measurement channel, and dual, independent 30V voltage bias sources.

With its dual channel measurement capabilities, the Model 6482 is a great measurement tool for analyzing multi-channel devices, monitoring currents in multiple locations on materials, and recording data from multiple sensors at once. The dual channels facilitate easier control and data aggregation. The greater channel density increases the number of instruments (and channels) that can fit in confined spaces.

Programmable Limits and Filters

As with most Keithley instruments, the Model 6482’s current and voltage limits can be programmed to ensure device protection during critical points, such as start of test. These instruments also provide average and median filters, which can be applied to the data stored in the buffer memory

Ratio and Delta Measurements

The Model 6482 can provide ratio or delta measurements between the two completely isolated channels. These functions can be accessed via either the front panel or the GPIB interface. For test setups with multiple detectors, this capability enables targeted control capabilities.

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