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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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RF Test Enclosures


The path to 5G is bringing many changes to the telecommunications networks we are accustomed to today. With increasing numbers of antenna elements, higher frequency bands and new standards to regulate the industry, the approach to testing the connectivity and functionality of the future 5G network is as revolutionary as the network itself.

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  • DVTEST dbSAFE DUO top load dbSERIES


    RF Test Enclosure; up to 100dB* from 300MHz to 13GHz. The dbSAFE DUO has been engineered from the ground up to provide superior RF isolation and perfo Learn More

  • dbSAFE ARMOR front view


    Advanced Reconfigurable Modular OTA RF Test Enclosures to 90 dB isolation Learn More

  • dbTENT front view


    A truly portable RF test enclosure. Provides superior 90 dB of isolation over a wide frequency range thanks to its patented double layer conductive fa Learn More

  • dbCHECK


    The dbCHECK is an ideal solution for repeatable wireless device testing. Boasting a dual RF gasket design, high quality broadband RF absorber, and fi Learn More

  • dbSAFE TSE


    Compatible with all platforms of temperature forcing units, the temperature range of the unit: -90degC to +220degC. Learn More

  • dbSAFEx


    RF Test Enclosure designed to operate between 300 MHz to 13 GHz, testing of wireless devices has never been more reliable and affordable. Learn More

  • dbSAFE mm

    DVTEST dbSAFE mm

    Millimeter wave RF Test Enclosure Learn More

  • dbGUARD


    The dbGuard provides up to 100dB isolation from DC to 18GHz. The IASG (Inverted Assymetric Squarewave Gasket) design eliminates any leakage along the Learn More

  • dbSAFEx Large

    DVTEST dbSAFEx Large

    The dbSAFEx is an advanced RF enclosure that offers the best RF shielding in its class. Internal Dimensions are 18” x 24” x 12” Learn More

  • FixTremeTE

    DVTEST Fixtreme TE

    The Testforce FixTremeTE is a cost effective standalone alternative to mechanical or forced air cryogenic cooling. When paired with a Testforce dbGuar Learn More

  • Fixtreme

    DVTEST FixTreme

    The Testforce FixTreme is a cost effective, high performance thermal test enclosure for your Device Under Test (DUT). Learn More

  • Free Shipping dbSAFE Classic

    DVTEST dbSAFE Classic

    Designed to be a utility enclosure for basic RF applications, the dBSafe Classic has a wide operable frequency range offering up to 80db of isolation Learn More

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