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Boonton CPS2008

CPS2000 True-Average Connected Power Sensors combine USB and PoE LAN connectivity to enable easy, true-average RF power measurement of CW and modulated signals from 50 MHZ to 8 GHz. Compatible with Windows® and Linux systems, CPS2000 sensors include all the necessary drivers for programming through SCPI, IVI and LabVIEW. Flexible connectivity, combined with a 60 dB dynamic range and >100 measurements per second, make CPS2000 sensors the ideal solution for measurements in the lab, production, and the field in ATE, remote monitoring and embedded environments.

Key Features:

  • 50 MHz to 8 GHz frequency range

  • -40 dBm to + 20 dBm dynamic range

  • True average power measurements for CW and Modulated signals

  • USB, LAN and PoE connectivity

  • SCPI, IVI and LabVIEW programming

  • Windows and Linux compatibility

  • >100 measurements per second

  • Synchronized multi-channel measurement

  • Streamlined user interface for fast, accurate measurements

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