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OPAL RT FESTO 2 kW | OP1620-K1

FESTO 2 kW Renewable Energy Test Bench

The FESTO/OPAL-RT 2-kW Real-Time DFIG Laboratory kit includes the hardware, software and accessories necessary to design and test hands-on practices and experiments in the fields of Electrical Machinery, Power Converter applications and Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS). This Laboratory has been seamlessly integrated to represent a valuable asset for your
training, education or research program.

By using OPAL-RT’s powerful real-time simulation tools along with FESTO’s “Renewable Energy” kit, users will be able to design, model and implement from simple to complex real-world control strategies in the field of power electronics and its applications.

Hardware & Software

• Dynamometer (8540)
• Power supply (8525)
• PMSM (8505)
• Sync M/G, DC or SCIM (8507, 8501, 8503)*
• 2x 6-pulse IGBT (8857)
• Capacitive Load, Resistive Load or Line Inductors (8331, 8311, 8374)

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