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ODiSI Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator 6000 Series

The ODiSI 6000 Series is a powerful fiber optic measurement system specifically designed to address the modern test challenges of advanced materials and systems. The ODiSI system delivers the highest definition distributed temperature and strain sensing available, giving you maximum insight and visibility into your component or process.

The ODiSI 6000 Series products are multichannel high-definition fiber optic sensing (HD-FOS) interrogators. Working with sensors based on low-cost unaltered optical fiber and operating on the principle of measuring Rayleigh backscatter, the ODiSI system is able to measure and acquire strain and temperature with a spatial resolution as high as 0.65 mm, providing highly detailed mapping of strain and temperature profiles.

Available with up to 8 distinct channels, the ODiSI can acquire, log and stream high-definition data over a network in real-time, making it a powerful component in an automated test system or process control system. Easy-to-use software provides quick configuration of sensors, measurements and tests, while optional software provides real-time or post-acquisition visualization of data mapped and color-coded to a 3D CAD model or 2D image.

Key Features

  • High-definition fiber optic sensing (HD-FOS) with sub-millimeter sampling resolution
  • Multichannel measurements - up to 8 channels per system
  • Up to 100 m of high-definition sensing per channel
  • Complete system measures, acquires, logs and communicates real-time data
  • Flexible, lightweight and easy-to-install fiber optic sensors reduce time to first measurement
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