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The Series 3700 offers scalable, instrument grade switching and multi-channel measurement solutions that are optimized for automated testing of electronic products and components. The Series 3700 includes four versions of the Model 3706 system switch mainframe along with a growing family of plug-in switch and control cards. When the Model 3706 mainframe is ordered with the high performance multimeter, you receive a tightly integrated switch and measurement system that can meet the demanding application requirements in a functional test system or provide the flexibility needed in stand-alone data acquisition and measurement applications.

Maximizes system control and flexibility

To provide users with greater versatility when designing test systems, the Series 3700 mainframes are equipped with many standard features. For example, easy connectivity is supported with three remote interfaces: LXI/Ethernet, General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB), and Universal Serial Bus (USB). Fourteen digital I/O lines are also included, which are programmable and can be used to control external devices such as component handlers or other instruments. Additionally, system control can be greatly enhanced by using our Test Script Processor (TSP) technology. This technology provides “smart” instruments with the ability to perform distributed processing and control at the instrument level versus a central PC.

High quality switching at a value price

The Series 3700 builds upon Keithley’s tradition of producing innovative, high quality, precise signal switching. This series offers a growing family of high density and general purpose plug-in cards that accommodates a broad range of signals at very competitive pricing. The Series 3700 supports applications as diverse as design validation, accelerated stress testing, data acquisition, and functional testing.

Model 3706 mainframe

The Series 3700 includes the base Model 3706 system switch/multimeter mainframe with three options for added flexibility. This mainframe contains six slots for plug-in cards in a compact 2U high (3.5 inches/89mm) enclosure that easily accommodates the needs of medium to high channel count applications. When fully loaded, a mainframe can support up to 576 two-wire multiplexer channels or 2,688 one-pole matrix crosspoints for unrivaled density and economical per channel costs.

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