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Rohde & Schwarz RTP Series

Signal integrity in real-time

The R&S®RTP high-performance oscilloscope combines high-class signal integrity with a fast acquisition rate. Customized frontend ASICs and real-time processing hardware enable highly accurate measurements with unprecedented speed in a compact form factor

I Quickly find signal faults with 1 million waveforms/s

I High-precision digital trigger without bandwidth limitations

I Realtime de-embedding for triggering and fast acquisition

I Compact design and silent operation for the best fit to any lab

Key Facts

Bandwidth: 4 GHz to 8 GHz

Max. sample rate: 20 Gsample/s

Max. memory depth: 2 Gsample

Real-time de-embedding

All trigger events at full bandwidth


Benefits and Key Features

Realtime signal integrity
❙ High-performance frontend
❙ Real-time de-embedding
❙ Hardware-accelerated processing for fast results
❙ Comprehensive analysis tools

Multi-instrument capability
❙ Time-correlated analysis of multiple signal types
❙ Multiple 18-bit high-precision voltage and current channels

Compact and configurable
❙ Most compact high-performance instrument platform
❙ Highest configuration flexibility
❙ Advanced user interface

Comprehensive probe portfolio ❙ Transmission line probe
❙ SMA adapter
❙ Modular system
❙ Single-ended and differential
❙ Power rail
❙ EMI near-field

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