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MT910 Series

Mobile phones must guarantee proper functioning in non- ideal real-world environments, such as a lost or damaged antenna, usage in a tunnel or locker, being held close to the body or in a pocket surrounded by coins, etc. Each of these scenarios can be regarded as non-ideal from an RF standpoint, meaning non-50ohm. We are able to use a single tuner to vary the VSWR magnitude and phase seen by the antenna port of the phone and test its performance in transmit and receive mode.

The Maury Automated Mobile Test System Software (AMTS v3) is a standalone application designed specifically to automate the testing of mobile phones in transmit and receive modes, for output power and sensitivity respectively, as a function of VSWR magnitude and phase.

What AMTSv3 Can Do For You

AMTSv3 offers a simple, fast and cost-effective solution tailored for mobile phone testing outside of the 50ohm environment. This solution automates mobile phone testing in TX/RX modes over a multitude of channels/ frequencies, battery voltages and power levels. It works by combining:

Maury's MT910 Series Automated Mobile Testing System software to

  • control the system;
  • de-embed VSWR and power levels to DUT reference;
  • control variable DC supply to mimic battery voltages; and
  • automate measurements;
  • a Maury MT98x Automated Tuner, which sets non-50ohm impedance; and
  • Agilent's or Rohde & Schwarz's Wireless Communications Test Set, which (acting as a base station) sets active channel and power levels, and measures power and bit-error-rate.
  • By analyzing the test results obtained using this solution you can learn:

  • What level of antenna mismatch is acceptable, based on real-life testing against your VSWR requirements
  • If your mobile phone meets the minimum perfor- mance requirements under pre-defined VSWR and voltage conditions
  • If your phone's performance degrades after a large VSWR sweep plan
  • If thermal stability issues exist
  • If your phone's design is acceptable as is, or if some components need to be redesigned
  • If specific performance problems result from batch manufacturing
  • These are just a few of the ways you can use Maury MT910 AMTS software and ATS tuners to extend your mobile phone testing capability beyond the 50ohm environment.

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