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MT1000 and MT2000 Series

The MT1000 and MT2000 mixed-signal active load pull systems are the best commercially proven solutions capable of performing load pull at high speeds of up to 1000 impedance/power states per minute with no limitation on Smith Chart coverage, under the following conditions:

  • Single-tone CW and pulsed-CW RF signal
  • DC and pulsed-DC bias
  • Time-domain NVNA voltage and current waveforms and load lines
  • Frequencies between 1 MHz and 40 GHz
  • High-speed load pull with high magnitudes of reflection coefficients under the above conditions are ideal for:

  • Reducing time-to-market due to quicker measurement speed
  • Reducing bottlenecks caused by traditional passive mechanical load pull systems without a loss of accuracy
  • Validating nonlinear compact models
  • Extracting nonlinear behavioral models
  • Research and development, design validation test, and on-wafer production test
  • In addition, the MT2000 is the best commercially-proven solution capable of wideband impedance control of up to 1000 MHz bandwidth at the fundamental, harmonic and baseband frequencies and is ideal for:

  • Using ACPR and EVM measurement data in the design of wideband PA circuits
  • Improving PA linearity based on controlled baseband terminations
  • Evaluating the performance of a DUT under realistic antenna load conditions
  • Evaluating the performance of DUT under different matching network topologies
  • The MT1000 and MT2000 are turnkey one-box load pull solutions that replace the functions typically performed by passive fundamental and/or harmonic impedance tuners, VNAs and/or NVNAs, analog signal generators, vector signal generators, vector signal analyzers and oscilloscopes, and add the capabilities of high-speed load pull measurements and wideband impedance control for modulated signals.

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