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The NI ELVIS Engineering Lab Workstation provides a comprehensive teaching solution for engaging students in hands-on labs involving analog circuits, mechatronics, power electronics, instrumentation, digital communications, digital electronics, controls, and more. Each laboratory solution includes lab material and complete experiments, so students can explore theory in the physical laboratory with a safe, in-depth experience. With its hands-on approach, NI ELVIS helps educators teach students practical, experimental engineering skills. It includes 12 software-based virtual instruments including an oscilloscope, digital multimeter, function generator, variable power supply, Bode analyzer. You can connect a PC to NI ELVIS using USB and build circuits on its detachable protoboard. • Software—includes interactive soft front panels for all instruments, full integration with Multisim, API support for LabVIEW and text-based languages, shipping examples, and detailed help files • Seven hardware instruments and 11 software-defined instruments • Up to 100 MS/s scope sample rate with 8-bit resolution • 51⁄2-digit digital multimeter with up to 60 V DC and 20 V RMS limits • 16 analog input channels with 16-bit resolution • 24 DIO and 15 PFI lines individually programmable as input or output

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