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5500A Multi-Product Calibrator Series

The new Fluke Calibration 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A High Performance Multi-Product Calibrators are easy to use and cover a comprehensive workload.

All-new features

  • 4:1 test uncertainty ratio (TUR) for most popular 6.5 digit multimeters
  • 30 A continuous current output to extend AC/DC measurement ranges
  • Calibrate AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and inductance and more
  • Automate with MET/CAL™ Calibration Management Software
  • 7-inch color touch screen

With redesigned ranging, one calibrator can do more

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The 5560A, 5550A, and 5540A are optimized to match the range switching of 6.5-digit, 5.5-digit, and 4.5-digit mulitimeters. The 5522A was designed to range in multiples of 3.3x. Fluke’s new calibrators range at 1.2x, matching digital multimeters at their ideal specification points. With these improvements, calibrate more of your multimeter workload with a single calibrator, with more confidence.

Continuous 30 A current output with no downtime

All models include a 30 A continuous current output, which can run continuously with no duty cycle. While other calibrators could be required to turn off for seven minutes for every minute of use, our new calibrator doesn’t overheat, even over hours of heavy use. Less wait time, better throughput.

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