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Integrate MET/CAL Calibration Management Software to your workflow with MET/CONNECT

MET/CONNECTâ„¢ is the hub of a fast-growing community of mainline calibration software providers. These companies have partnered with Fluke Calibration to support MET/CAL automation. Whatever calibration management system you use, MET/CONNECT unlocks calibration and workflow automation in your lab.

MET/CONNECT was built to bridge the connection from MET/CAL to your workflow regardless of your chosen solution. Integrate MET/CAL data to your existing calibration management system with MET/CONNECT’s API or conveniently automate data exports as a .csv file. How does it work?

  1. Set up a consultation with your Fluke Calibration sales engineer or our software specialist to ensure MET/CONNECT fits your specific workflow.
  2. Once a MET/CONNECT license is purchased, users receive a download file and a product registration code. Install MET/CONNECT on a central server within the company’s network.
  3. Connect each MET/CAL instance to the server and get started right away working with .csv calibration results from MET/CAL.
  4. For advanced connection into your existing systems:
    1. Utilize one of our partner’s pre-built integrations— Indysoft, AssetSmart, or Qualer*
    2. Work with your system integration provider or program to MET/CONNECT’s API.
  5. Enjoy a world of interconnected systems and increased lab efficiency!

*Important note: Users must have MET/CAL Version 9 or higher in order to utilize MET/CONNECT Software. If you have an older version of MET/CAL you will need to upgrade in order to integrate with MET/CONNECT

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