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HYPERSIM | OP4510 protection HIL system

Equipped with the latest generation of Intel Xeon four-core processors and a powerful Xilinx Kintex 7 FPGA, the OP4510 delivers raw simulation power for both CPU-based real-time simulation and sub-microsecond time step power electronic simulation.
The OP4510’s compact 2U chassis works equally well for desktop or rack mounted setups, while providing up to 128 high-performance analog/digital channels with signal conditioning and 4 SFP-GTX optical high-speed links for hardware interfacing. The standard configuration includes 32 digital outputs, 32 digital inputs, 16 analog outputs, and 16 analog inputs.

• Intel Xeon CPU - 4 cores - 3.5 GHz
• Xilinx FPGA Kintex™-7 325T
• Connectivity - Ethernet port 10/100/1000 Mbps (2x RJ45). RS232 (DB9)
• USB2.0, 5-Gbit/s high-speed fiber optic link (4x SFP)


HYPERSIM Editor | Windows-based model editing software

HYPERSIM HX30 | Real-time simulation of up to 30 nodes (10 x 3-phase buses)

ScopeView for HYPERSIM HX30 | Waveform visualization and analysis software

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