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High-Power Low-Loss Pulsed Bias Tees

Bias tees are passive RF circuits which provide DC bias to an active device under test. Normally consisting of a capacitor and inductor, bias tees act as diplexers by combining low-frequency (DC) and high frequency (RF) signals onto a common port (RF+DC). In a classic capacitor/inductor design, the capacitor acts as a DC block and prevents DC bias from entering the RF path, while the inductor acts as an RF choke preventing RF energy from entering the DC instrumentation.

Typical applications include providing bias to amplifiers inside of complex systems including base stations and radios; and biasing discrete transistors or packaged devices in test and measurement applications such as DC/pulsed-bias S-parameters,DC/pulsed-IV, DC/pulsed-bias load pull, stability-, robustness-, burn-in-, pre-production- and production-test.

Important characteristics of a bias tee include the frequency range over which the bias tee will function with minimal to no performance degradation, the insertion loss and VSWR (or return loss) over the usable frequency range of the bias tee. Voltages, currents and RF powers are critical both in average/DC/CW and pulsed/peak operations. It is also essential to have bias tees with minimal overshoot of the signals under pulsed bias/pulsed RF conditions.

The MBT-series of bias tees is based on Maury's patented broadband capacitor (US Patent 9,614,267) which simultaneously enables the industry's widest bandwidth, lowest insertion loss and lowest return loss in a coaxial bias tee up to 18 GHz. In addition, its unique design makes it ideal for pulsed applications, including pulsed IV and pulsed load pull characterization, without distorting the voltage and current waveforms.


  • High RF Power Handling
  • High Breakdown Voltage
  • High Current Handling
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Excellent Return Loss
  • Pulsing Capable


  • High-Power System Biasing
  • High-Power Base Station Integration
  • Test and Measurement (Load Pull, Pulsed Measurements, General Lab...)
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