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2601B-PULSE System SourceMeter

The System SourceMeter® 10 µsec Pulser/Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instrument combines the power of a high current/high speed pulser with measure and the full functionality of a traditional SMU in a single instrument. Its impressive 10 A @ 10 V at 10 μs pulse width and full 1 MS/s digitizing capabilities significantly boost productivity in applications ranging from benchtop characterization through highly automated pulsed I-V production test.

Achieve high pulse fidelity without manual pulse tuning

The 2601B-PULSE’s control loop system eliminates the need to manually tune for load changes up to 3 μH, ensuring your pulse has no overshoot and ringing when outputting pulses from 10 μs up to 500 μs at any current level up to 10 amps. With pulse rise times

Incorporates the functionality of a fast pulser and SMU in one instrument

The 2601B-PULSE adds pulser functionality to the superior measurement integrity, synchronization, speed, and accuracy you know from the industry-leading Keithley 2601B SMU instrument.

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