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VIAVI DT400-00

01-1403-00: 429 Databus Analyzer

The DT400 clearly establishes the standard for databus equipment. Never have so many powerful tools and features been assembled for supporting your digital avionics.

Data may be read from up to four buses and displayed in every format you might conceive including graphic plots. Using the DT400's many diagnostic functions adopted from the most sophisticated logic analyzer systems, it is now much easier to isolate troublesome intermittent data. A suspect LRU can be monitored for hours with a breakpoint condition programmed to capture and display fault information. BITE mode provides a very effective tool for interrogating maintenance data from ARINC 604 avionics. Equipment menus may be read, allowing the user to select and view present fault data, and recall flight data or generate a self test. You may even use the DT400 to record fault messages for later viewing or downloading. Here are some of the DT400's powerful features:

  • Up to four receive and four transmit ports

  • Displays ARINC 604 BITE messages

  • 16-channel data recorder

  • RS-232C and DAC ports for download and conversion

  • Sophisticated analyzer features including breakpoint, history, etc.

  • Eight display formats including engineering units and graphic plots

  • Dynamic transmit patterns

  • User defined labels and transmit tables

Availability: 4-6 weeks

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