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Pulsed IV Systems

AMCAD Engineering has created professional, industry-proven pulsing technology for both standalone IV-testing (Pulsed IV, PIV) as well as pulsed-bias load pull (Pulsed Load Pull, PLP) and high-voltage power semiconductor applications. Systems come equipped with a mainframe controller which includes integrated power supplies. Input and output pulser modules (probes, pulsers) are selected for specific applications and are available in bipolar ±25V/1A and high-voltage 250V/30A models.

Key Features

  • Bipolar ±25V/1A and high-voltage 250V/30A models
  • Pulse widths down to 200ns
  • High precision IV measurements
  • Synchronized pulsed S-parameter measurements
  • Mix-and-match input and output pulsers
  • Connect systems in series for synchronizing 3+ pulsed channels
  • Long pulses into the tens and hundreds of seconds for trapping and thermal characterization
  • Embedded fast short-circuit current breaker, protecting internal probe circuitry (thermal, SOA and DUT breakdown)
  • Embedded fast measurement samplers
  • Fast average and ripple acquisition for highest signal to noise ratio, 16-bit compliant
  • Pulse shape monitoring equivalent to a 50M sample/s scope, 16-bit resolution with multiple ranges
  • Direct hardware programmability
  • Ethernet and USB control
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