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3G/HD/SD Waveform Monitor, 4 SDI Inputs (3G, HD and SD-SDI support on the same inputs-auto detect) Base unit includes HD, SD and Dual-Link signal formats support Option 3G required for 3G-SDI support

The Industry Standard

The WFM/WVR5000 series is the industry standard when monitoring basic video and audio content, at an affordable price.

Whether in the production or a post-production environment, the 5000 series offers uncompromising quality, HD/SD support, versatility through a range of software options, and the capability to handle 3G-SDI (WFM/WVR5200) and HDMI (WFM/WVR5250).

High Quality Displays for Precise Alignment & Matching of Cameras

The 5000 Series waveform monitors and rasterizers are as much an essential at a local studio as they are at a global sporting event through their unique combination of high quality waveform and vector trace displays. As applicable for luma and chroma camera alignment, as in matching imagery in a multi-camera production, the 5000 series helps to quickly, easily, and precisely perform complex camera setups in a high pressure environment.


  • TandemVu (waveform + vector) for precise camera alignment
  • Multi-camera balancing made simple with the Multiple Input Mode
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