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Uncover the fast, floating signals that your non-isolated probes are hiding. IsoVu™ Probe Technology virtually eliminates common mode interference using optical isolation. This delivers accurate differential measurements on reference voltages slewing ±60kV at 100V/ns or faster. And with Tektronix's IsoVu Generation 2 design, you get all the benefits of IsoVu technology at 1/5 of the size.

With versatile MMCX connectors and an unmatched combination of bandwidth, dynamic range, and common mode rejection, IsoVu Gen 2 probes are setting new standards for isolated probe technology.

The TIVP Probes are optimized for and exclusively compatible with the latest 4, 5 and 6 Series Tektronix oscilloscopes. The probe will not function on other Tektronix oscilloscopes .

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