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How to optimize critical uncertainty components to noticeably improve eye behavior

Smartphones, tablets and other personal devices are increasingly location- aware, and members of the public have come to expect everyday technology to show them their position as a blue dot on a map—instantly, accurately, and everywhere—whether under tree cover, in towns, or even indoors.

As a result, engineers tasked with integrating positioning technologies into consumer products are now commonly required to define and implement new regimes to ensure that the chosen GPS, GNSS and hybrid positioning systems function to ever- tighter specifications.

This can be challenging. Test equipment manufacturers publish specification data, often with little interpretation to give meaning to the numbers. But for device manufacturers, the development consequences of choosing the wrong test equipment—and running ineffective or inconsistent tests—can be severe.

We hope this white paper will give engineers some clarity on the issue, summarizing the key areas and outlining some common pitfalls surrounding testing procedures and apparatus.

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