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How to Select an AC Power Source

2018-07-26  |  White Papers
How to Select an AC Power Source

How to Select an AC Power Source

Test Guide to Choosing the Right AC Source for your Application

Today’s electronic products must work under all types of conditions, not just ideal ones. That being the case, AC sources used in test applications must not only supply a stable source of AC, they must also simulate power-line disturbances and other non-ideal situations.

When choosing an AC source, make sure to consider the following criteria:

  • • Current requirements for your device under test
  • • Worst-case input current (including transient demands, such as inrush)
  • • Crest factor of your load’s current
  • • Power factor
  • • Regulation and distortion
  • • Response time and slew rate
  • • User and test-system interfaces
  • • Facility requirements

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Choosing AC Power Source

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