Working Remotely with TekScopes


Working Remotely with TekScopes: Extend your testing capabilities with Tektronix Best-in-Class Waveform Analysis TekScope™ software running on PC.

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With these new and unprecedented times of Work-From-Home, and while the world is becoming a more global place, not differentiating between one’s physical location and the work environment, TekScope PC software is playing a key role in Test & Measurement. TekScope removes physical boundaries and helps you extend your testing needs to any location. TekScope’s mission is “Helping customers with waveform analysis capabilities anywhere anytime”.

What we’ll cover on the webinar:

  • Overview of the TekScope PC software and its value proposition
  • Basic and Advanced features
  • Multi-Scope Analysis capability to enable analysis for up to 32 channels at the same time!
  • How to add Serial Bus Analysis to your bench oscilloscopes
  • Demo!
  • Technical specifications and compatibility with Tektronix portfolio
  • Resources available online
  • Licenses & Order Information

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About the Presenter

Rick Kuhlman

Rick Kuhlman

Head of Product | Tektronix, Initial State

MSEE/MBA University of Tennessee

Rick has led products in software and hardware for over 15 years. Currently, he serves as Head of Product at Initial State, an IoT platform acquired by Tektronix in 2018. Before that, he ran product teams at multiple IoT hardware/software companies and served as the Director of Product at Invodo, an ecommerce video company. He gained deep knowledge in T&M software from his time at National Instruments where he served as a LabVIEW product manager for cloud, FPGA, and embedded software.

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