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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Signal Monitoring Solutions: Signal Interference Hunting Solutions

2020-04-15  |  Webinars
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Signal Interference Hunting Solutions

Join us for this Measurement Experts webinar where Signal Monitoring Solutions expert, Mark Rasor, will present solutions for open air RF interference hunting, spectrum monitoring and geo-locating anomalous sources. In addition, we will address spectrum recording and frequency management – with Q&A to follow.

Public Safety and Land Mobile Radio operations are under attack from a variety of different interference sources. The RF environment in the VHF, UHF, 700/800 and 900MHz bands is becoming more challenging as new technologies are fielded. These technologies present a challenge for RF professionals in the detection, location and isolation of interference. Traditional methods are time consuming, costly and not the most effect approach to the problem. The advancement of telecommunications technology (both public safety and commercial) are presenting gradual increases in the environmental noise floor along with the proliferation of new intermittent signals which are challenges network managers need to learn to address. We will review interference mitigation from a perspective that will improve your ability to manage your spectrum and network ultimately restoring reliability and confidence.

Imagine reducing interference hunting time up to 90% using a continuously automated signal monitoring solution!

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How much does this training cost?

This training is 100% free!

What topics will you cover?

This webinar will provide the background on spectrum and network management using tools to monitor, track and identify interference sources – including spectrum recording, frequency mining and spectrum mapping. Our presentation will cover the basic hardware and software products as well as a deeper dive into inner workings of the program.

About the Presenter

Mark Rasor

President Signal Monitoring Solutions

Mark Rasor, is the president and owner of Signal Monitoring Solutions headquartered in San Jose along with his partner Chris Rasor out of their Denver office. SMS has over 30 years of RF and Signal Intelligence experience in a wide variety of environments. The primary focus at SMS is to offer cutting-edge and cost-effective tools to visualize, monitor and Defend Your Spectrum. Available comprehensive services to help the customer with critical RF missions from design and advice and training to locating interfering signals in real-time. “Our passion is to enable a new generation to understand, protect and reinforce the invisible infrastructure that supports our world today.”

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