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RF Fundamentals Part 3

2019-09-05  |  Webinars
RF Fundamentals Part 3


RF Fundamentals

Join us for the first of a 3-part webinar series where Rohde & Schwarz expert, Neil Jarvis, will cover everything RF. We will start with the basic concepts to signal and transmission characteristics, and continue all the way to complex modulations, measurements and debug techniques.

• Basic RF and signal characteristics
• Transmission characteristics and modulation
• I-Q Signal representation and constellation diagrams
• Essential measurement setups
• And more…

We will start with a refresh on the basics of RF and will work our way through transmission characteristics such as gain, attenuation and frequency response. We’ll then cover signal conditioning, filtering, amplification and more. You will then learn about signal models, harmonics, spurious and modulation. We will cover basic and more complex modulations, nPSK, nQAM, I and Q representation and constellation diagrams.

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About the Presenter

Neil Jarvis

Neil Jarvis, Applications Engineer

Mr. Jarvis has over 15 years of experience in managing, developing and manufacturing wireless and RF products. His has experience ranging the from the high-end military sensor used on the Globalhawk platform wireless communications to RF semiconductors, to his most recent development of a RFID system. Most recently, Neil was a leader in the RF integration and test for the high band subsystem with ESL Corporation where integrated more than 15 AVME cards into a highly complex system. Neil was a key player in reviving ESL’s RF design expertise in converters, digitizers, synthesizers, receivers, and encoders which helped ESL gain over 200 Million dollars in business. Neil also was a key player in evaluating technical performance of key subcontractors. Finally, Neil developed a wideband radio for use in the 5GHz ISM spectrum for use in commercial applications.

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