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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Elektro-Automatik: Benefits of Auto-Ranging DC Power Supplies

2020-03-31  |  Webinars
Benefits of Auto Ranging DC Power Supplies


Benefits of Auto-ranging DC Power Supplies in Test Applications

Join us for this Measurement Experts webinar where Elektro Automatik experts, Eric Turner and Zeke Pietsch, will explain "auto-ranging" & the benefits it provides.

Programmable DC power supplies are essential tools in product development and production testing of a broad array of electronic devices and systems. In many instances, functional test requires subjecting the device-under-test (DUT) to a wide range of operating conditions, even drawing constant power under variable input conditions. In such circumstances, the ability of the programmable DC supply to provide increased current at reduced output voltage is very advantageous. This ability is known as "Auto-Ranging." DC power supplies without Auto-Ranging often require users to oversize or use multiple supplies, consuming both capital and space resources, to test the DUT under varying input voltage conditions. With an auto-ranging power supply, the source automatically offers increased current at lower voltages which maximizes flexibility and allows the use of a single supply to address multiple voltage and current combinations.

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This training is 100% free!

What topics will you cover?

This webinar will give you some great tips on the principles of auto-ranging and will include application examples of test scenarios.


Eric Turner, Managing Director, EA Elektro-Automatik USA

Zeke Pietsch, Senior Support Engineer, EA Elektro-Automatik USA

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