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VNA Measurement of S-parameters in a Pulsed RF System
2019-08-22  |  Videos / Tutorials
Copper Mountain Technologies’ Senior Design Engineer Brian Walker demonstrates how to make Pulsed S-parameter Measurements.
What is a Smith Chart?
2019-08-20  |  Videos / Tutorials
Brian Walker, Senior RF Design Engineer at Copper Mountain Technologies looks at how a Smith Chart is simply a special case of the polar plot and how the real and imaginary axes are constructed in this video.
In-Circuit Antenna Verification
2019-08-20  |  Videos / Tutorials
Brian Walker, Senior RF Design Engineer at Copper Mountain Technologies shows how there can be significant variation of performance of a PCB mounted antenna when it is close enough to other objects to disturb the near field response.
8588A Reference Multimeter Introduction
2019-04-26  |  Videos / Tutorials
Watch this video for a brief introduction to the Fluke 8588A Reference Multimeter. Made for labs, the 8588A is the world’s most stable digitizing multimeter.
Wideband Peak Power Sensors - Real Time Power Processing
2019-04-25  |  Videos / Tutorials

See How Real-Time Power Sensors Can Give You Average and Peak Power Analysis Simultaneously

Meeting Test Demands of Automotive LiDAR and Radar
2019-04-08  |  Videos / Tutorials

Understanding real-world operating environments around the vehicle becomes critical to delivering automotive solutions that enable better and safer decisions. Creating accurate and reliable tests to prove safety under a variety of test conditions is key.

FMCW Radar Analysis and Signal Simulation
2019-04-01  |  Videos / Tutorials
FMCW Radar Analysis and Signal Simulation
Viavi 8800SX Auto Test Video Training
2019-03-27  |  Videos / Tutorials  
Learn how to use the Auto Test feature on Viavi 8800SX models.
Your EMI/EMC Pre-compliance Software
2019-03-13  |  Videos / Tutorials
EMCVu is a new software option that is available for purchase as a plug-in to SignalVu-PC.
5G - What is to come
2019-02-27  |  Videos / Tutorials
How will you stand out as a leader in the new 5G world?

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