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Tektronix 20% Discount on T-Service Options - Expires July 31, 2019


Get 20% Discount on T-Service Options.

Offer ends July 31, 2019.


List of elgible instruments:

      • TBS2K
      • MDO3K (3012, 3014, 3022, 3024, 3032, 3034, 3052, 3102, 3054, 3104)
      • MDO4K (4024C, 4034C, 4054C, 4104C)
      • Select RSA models (306B, 503A, 507A, 513A, 518A)
      • 5 Series MSO to include MSO58LP
      • 6 Series MSO
      • DMM7510
      • AFG31K Series


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